11 February 2017

Hello, world!

...and welcome to the Elyonim veTachtonim project web site. As of today the first version 001 (code-named Azazel) of the database is finally available on-line and:
  • covers the Babylonian Talmud [BT];
  • bases on the Soncino Babylonian Talmud (English) and Wikitext Talmud Bavli (Hebrew, Aramaic);
  • distinguishes between three classes of entities: angels [ang], demons [dem] and ghosts [gho];
  • (more or less) all the units involving dem of the BT are done; these with ang and gho are still in the stub form;
  • distinguishes between six genres: biblical anecdote [bib], rabbinic anecdote [rab], cultic protocol [cult], pragmatic advice [prag], proverb [prov] and statement [stat];
  • recognizes a number of entities and topics;
  • covers all the attitude types.
Currently the following tasks are pending:
  • covering the remaining corpuses of the early rabbinic literature [ERL];
  • revising and cleaning up the database;
  • supplementing the angels and ghosts of the BT;
  • adding new topics;
  • adding new themes: personage.
Estimated date of the publication of the next version: June 2017.